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Wyceny nieruchomości i doradztwo biznesowe

The main objects of the company are the provision of specialist services related to the valuation of tangible and intangible property components (enterprises, real estates, assets of companies, shares and other.) as well as business consulting (business plans, investment financing, budgeting, financial standing assessment, etc.)

We guarantee our contractors an individual approach to each case, confidentiality of information provided and full involvement at every stage of cooperation and after its completion.

Zespół ceniący profesjonalizm rzeczoznawców majątkowych

The NOBILIS Centre operates in the model of partner-like cooperation of independent experts. Depending on the nature of the order subject, the work is conducted by the company owner or in a team, by specialists in such areas as:

  • budgeting and controlling
  • accounting and finance
  • valuation of tangible fixed assets in use (movables)
  • valuation of transmission easements
  • valuation of developer’s investments
  • valuation of untypical real estate
Właściciel firmy - Wrocław wycena nieruchomości

The company owner and – at the same time – the chief specialist in valuation is Arkadiusz Kret – specialist for enterprise valuation, expert witness, analyst with many years of experience, property appraiser with public licence for real estate appraisal (licence no. 5954), participant of PhD studies at the Wrocław University of Economics. He is the author of many appraisals and analysis studies in enterprise finance and risk management. He has got 10 years of professional experience in finance and real estate, also as an independent property appraiser and as an employee at finance and risk management departments in financial corporations responsible for – for instance – analysing investment financing risk, analysing profitability, co-preparing financial projections, creating models supporting the management of liquidity, currency risk and interest rate risk and preparing executive reports.

If you would like to set the price and timeframe for the provision of service or you would like to get more detailed information on our services – feel free to contact us. Preliminary consultation is always free of charge, whether you decide to cooperate with us or not.

Best regards,

Arkadiusz Kret

company owner, chief consultant, property appraiser (licence no. 5954)