Full real estate appraisal offer

Wycena przedsiębiorstw komercyjnych
Commercial real estate appraisal

The services provided by Valuation and Business Consulting Centre NOBILIS include the appraisal of such commercial real estates as:


  • production plants, warehouses, logistic centres
  • office facilities
  • shopping centres, sales and service centre, commercial premises
  • petrol stations
  • hotels, guesthouses
  • other facilities connected with commercial activity.


Thanks to experience both in valuation and in enterprise finance and investments, we can determine the market value of the most unique real estates connected with business activity.

Wycena mieszkań
Residential real estate appraisal

Our services of residential estate appraisal include both typical apartments and residential houses as well as entire multifamily residentials, e.g. old tenements or new developer’s projects. Each appraisal is based on a thorough market analysis with large transaction databases.

Wycena gruntów i innych nieruchomości
Appraisal of other types of real estates

If you need an appraisal study on real estates of other sort or specific rights to real estate, we also provide such services as:

  • investment land appraisal
  • farming and forest land appraisal
  • building appraisal
  • historic real estate appraisal
  • valuation of outlays for real estates
  • valuation of transmission, land and personal easements
  • remuneration for use of real estate without a contract
Analiza i doradztwo podczas inwestycji
Risk analysis and investment consulting

Investing in real estates require good preparation e.g. in terms of risk assessment and income potential calculation. We offer individual and institutional investors the preparation of local market analyses for the possibility of future sale of real estates in question, demand-supply relationship analysis, calculation of expected income from real estate, preparation of assumtions to their business plans, analysis of susceptibility to changes in market prices or other parameters significant from the point of view of undertaking effectiveness.

Idealna współpraca z klientem
Terms of cooperation

Depending on the complexity of the subject of valuation, appraisal studies on real estates are prepared by a licensed property appraiser or a team of property appraisers. We guarantee individual approach to every client, timely performance of works and confidentiality of all information acquired in the process.

Wycena drogą do sukcesu
Purposes of valuation

Valuations are conducted for all sorts of purposes. The most common ones include the following:

  • collateral
  • negotiations on purchase/selling price of real estate
  • determination of the value for taxation purposes
  • update of fees for perpetual usufruct
  • determination of the value of damages for lost rights to real estate
  • determination of adjacent and planning charges
  • in-kind contribution to a company
  • determination of the fair value for the purposes of financial reporting