Praca przy wycenie firmy
What do we do?

The services offered by Valuation and Business Consulting Centre NOBILIS covers such items as:

  • valuation of an enterprise or its organisational unit
  • goodwill valuation
  • valuation of a company, shares in the capital of a company
  • intellectual property valuation (trademarks, patents)
Sposób pracy podczas wycen
How do we valuate?

Enterprise valuation is, to some extent, an unrepeatable process as every enterprise is different and so there cannot be any universal solutions or patterns. You always need to get to know the subject of the valuation carefully, e.g. the property position, financial position, growth perspectives, specific nature of business. Once such an analysis is conducted, we select adequate methods – in consultation with our employer – which reflect the enterprise value in terms of the aim of valuation. We usually use at least 2 valuation methods simultaneously, which allows us to verify the results obtained and draw better conclusions from that process. Most often, we apply the following to valuate enterprises:


  • asset based methods
  • income based methods
  • comparative methods
Pomoc wyceny dla przedsiębiorstwa
When can the valuation of an enterprise or another property component help you

The most frequent purposes of valuation are those related to changes in the ownership structure (sale of enterprise, repurchase of shares, acquisitions and mergers of companies). Nevertheless, there are many more instances where knowing the value of an enterprise is necessary. For more information on the purposes of valuation, visit here.

Raport z wyceny przedsiębiorstwa
What will you get from our services

You will receive the results of the valuation in the form of a report clearly showing the entire process of valuation along with conclusions drawn from the analysis. The report will also include the characteristics of the enterprise, assessment of the property and financial position and growth perspectives.
At each stage of valuation and after its conclusion you can also consult us and obtain additional explanations of any issues significant for the valuation and interpretation of the results.