The external perception of a business frequently fails to reflect the actual position of an enterprise. When there is a need to determine the condition of an enterprise, how effectively it is managed, what cash flows it generates and in which direction it develops, it is necessary to thoroughly study many areas of business functioning. Such information is particularly helpful in the strategic decision-making process, always there where it is advisable to assess the situation coldly and be fully aware of all opportunities and risks. The financial and economic analysis may involve such areas as: assessment of business model, including assessment of dependency on other entities, structure of clients and suppliers, terms of cooperation with contractors and risks connected with it; assessment of financial position, including the analysis of profitability, its changes over time and reasons for those changes, analysis of costs, cash flows, financial liquidity, effectiveness in managing resources, amounts due and liabilities; assessment of risks connected with operation and their potential influence on the condition of the enterprise; projecting the influence of made investments or restructuring on future financial results.
If you need help in assessing the financial and economic condition of your or any enterprise (e.g. one belonging to a new contractor or a debtor), we are at your disposal. We will adjust the scope of analyses to individual preferences of our client and to real feasibility to obtain information on the operation of an enterprise. Each analysis is documented in the form a report. At each stage of cooperation, we explain and counsel. We guarantee full confidentiality of any information obtained in the process.